Why our ride on floor cleaners are taking cleaning to the next level in Bendigo

Own a warehouse, factory or any other type of industrial business and looking to up your cleaning capabilities? Want to increase efficiency? Clean better? And make cleaning more enjoyable?

At LTS Equipment we specialise in making cleaning for industrial businesses in Bendigo as easy as possible. And it’s never been easier than with our range of Kacher ride on cleaners.

Our range of ride on scrubber driers are high performance cleaners that are built to last and will make your floors sparkle like they never have before. Whether you’ve inefficiently been doing all of your floor cleaning using hand-held equipment or you have had a ride on scrubber drier before, but are looking to upgrade, any of our Karcher ride on models will make a significant difference to your cleaning routine.

Our starting model scrubber driers can clean up to 2,000m2 in just one hour, meaning your cleaning time will dramatically reduced so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Our Karcher scrubber driers deliver guaranteed results

At LTS Equipment we’re proud of the results that our equipment can deliver for businesses, along with unmatched customer service that ensures all of our clients are satisfied. Before purchasing a ride on scrubber drier we recommend you request a demonstration.

Our industrial cleaning experts will come out to your business to give you a free demonstration, showing you in person just how effective this equipment could be for your business.

When it comes to saving time, getting your warehouse, factory, store or office cleaner than its ever been before and making cleaning easy, you cannot go past a Karcher scrubber drier.

All of our models are available for viewing online. If you see one that you think will benefit your business, get in contact with our Bendigo-based industrial cleaning equipment experts.