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Warehouse and logistics cleaning equipment

Keeping warehouses warm and clean with our range of industrial heating and cleaning equipment

LTS Equipment supplies a range of products suitable for use in warehouse environments and logistics industries. Warehouses are often wide-open spaces with tall ceilings and little insulation, meaning  they are subject to extremes of temperature  such as cold snaps.

Employers have a responsibility to provide a work environment that is both safe and comfortable for employees. NSW WorkCover states “work should be carried out in an environment where a temperature range is comfortable for workers and suits the work they carry out.”

Similarly, WorkSafe Victoria advises “installing heating devices in cold work environments”,  to ensure staff are kept appropriately warm in the cooler months. Meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements with our range of powerful industrial heaters and dryers.

Logistics is the flow of goods, often between manufacturer and consumer. Due to the nature of the coming and going of goods and short and long-term storage, warehouses can easily become dusty and dirty. We have a range of wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaners and more to keep your warehouse clean and free from hazards such as spills and even floods.

Please contact us to discuss the right products for your warehouse and logistics company.