Hire Agreement / Terms

  1. The hirer is responsible for accidental damage to the equipment hired and/or injury to person or person and/or property while the equipment is in the Hirer’s possession.
  2. The hirer will make no additions or alterations to the equipment without the written consent of Liftqip P/L. The Hirer is responsible for accident damaged to the equipment hired and/or injury to person or persons and/or property while the equipment is in the Hirer’s possession.
  3. The delivery charge of the equipment both ways shall be borne by the Hirer at a rate agreed upon.
  4. The hirer shall not remove, deface or cover up any marks of identification, ownership or registration from the equipment.
  5. Should the equipment hired or any part thereof break while on hire, the Hirer shall immediately notify Liftqip P/L of such breakdown, stating the suspected cause of same. Note: Callouts after normal business hours will incur additional charges.
  6. In the use of the equipment the Hirer shall comply with all relevant Statutes, Acts, Ordinances, Regulations and By-laws set down for the use of the hired equipment.
  7. The loss of the whole or any portion of any item or equipment on hire occurring between the time of taking of delivery of the equipment by the Hirer and return to Liftqip P/L whether due to theft or other cause shall be the responsibility of the Hirer.
  8. The Hirer shall not make any claim for damages for delay through break down or accident.
  9. The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the machine or equipment is not used on the Hirer’s behalf for any purpose other than that for which it was expressly hired and that it is not employed by him to lift any load which is beyond the rated lifting capacity and the Hirer shall be liable for, and indemnify Liftqip P/L against all claims and demands whatsoever caused as a result of misuse or overload.
  10. Failure to return the correct LP Gas Bottle will incur additional charges.
  11. The hire rate is for the use of the equipment for not more than 35 hours in any one week. If the equipment is used for more than 35 hours on any one week, an additional charge, equal to one thirty-fifth of the said hire charge, shall be made for each hour or part hour the equipment is so sued in excess of 35 hours. Payment must be made 14 days from the invoice date. Failure to comply will result in an accounting fee being added.
  12. PERMANENT HIRE. Normal service and maintenance shall be the responsibility of the Hirer, which includes the checking of water, oil and battery, and maintaining them at the correct levels and that the tyres are correctly inflated. The hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the equipment hired due to negligence regarding the above mentioned normal wear and tear excepted. Rate reviewed annually up to 100% of the C.P.I.
  13. The Hirer is to repair punctures and be responsible for the cost of staked and damaged tyres except to the extent that wear is caused by fair wear and tear for which Liftqip P/L is responsible for the supply of replacement tyres to a limit of one set per annum.
  14. The Hirer is to make the equipment available at its premises at times to be mutually agreed between Liftqip P/L and the Hirer for Preventative Maintenance Servicing in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, and repairs to be carried out at the cost of Liftqip P/L during normal business hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm or to pay the additional costs incurred by Liftqip P/L if the hirer requests that such servicing or repairs be effected outside normal business hours, a fee will apply.
  15. All construction equipment is to be returned cleaned and with a full tank of fuel. Cleaning fees will apply if returned dirty and a fuel levy plus fuel cost will apply if not returned with a full tank.

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