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Cleaning equipment servicing & maintenance

Here at LTS Equipment we believe in providing a complete solution for your cleaning requirements. That’s why we will service any cleaning equipment you have purchased from us, including our pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and heaters and dryers.

Benefits of cleaning equipment servicing for businesses in Victoria & NSW

Regular servicing keeps your cleaning equipment in peak working condition, prolongs the life of your product and helps avoid preventable breakdowns. Having your cleaning equipment serviced regularly will save you money in costly repairs or replacements, allow your business to operate as productively as possible and ensures you get the most out of your cleaning equipment.

LTS Equipment’s automated servicing system will send you frequent reminders when you have a service due to ensure you never miss one! For ultimate convenience our team members can come out to you and service your equipment for you.

We have a team of experienced and highly skilled technicians that will pick up on any parts that may need repairing and will carry out high-quality and efficient servicing on your equipment. Our servicing is backed by an extensive range of spare parts, so if you simply need a hose, nozzle or other part replaced we will replace it for you.

If your product does experience a breakdown, we can also help, in this case contact us to book it in immediately. We try our best to ensure your equipment is fixed and operation as quickly as possible, as we understand better than anyone just how much local business rely on their equipment to help them get the job done.

Industrial cleaning equipment is put to the test every day in tough industries such as mining, construction, hospitality and more. Ensure it continues to last the distance with regular servicing.

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Our team can deliver the forklift you need to your location. With forklift hire hubs in Albury, Echuca, Wagga Wagga, Shepparton, and Bendigo, we’re ideally placed to service businesses throughout Victoria and NSW.

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