How to keep your machinery clean with industrial cleaning equipment

Whether you have a number of forklifts that need to be rid of dust from the warehouse or a fleet of trucks that you just cannot keep clean, the right industrial cleaning equipment can make a drastic difference. However, sometimes unique machinery and busy production schedules can impede the cleaning process of your industrial machinery. Use this easy guide to learn how to keep your machinery clean with the best industrial cleaning equipment Shepparton offers.

Choose the right cleaning method

There are different ways you can clean your industrial machinery. It is important to select the most appropriate method that fits your equipment since each method uses different processes and materials for cleaning.

High-pressure cleaners – Cleaning surfaces can be difficult, especially if the deposits adhere to the equipment and are difficult to remove. These pressure washers use less water than any other cleaning method to blast dirt away. They end up cleaning more effectively, saving you money and time. Hot water pressure washers can sanitise and disinfect equipment whereas cold water cleaner quickly blasts away dirt and dust.

Vacuum cleaners – The right vacuum for the right application can eliminate occasional hazards like electrocutions and damage to the machines. These vacuum cleaners can work in hot, wet or dry environments.


If you’ve decided on what cleaning method to use, it’s time to schedule cleaning hours. Cleaning industrial machinery can slow down production and it’s therefore wise to schedule cleaning during the business’ off hours or during the facility’s slowest times.

Consider the environmental impact

Use of hazardous by-products and chemicals can damage machines. They can also produce waste and harm the environment. Choose an environmentally safe cleaning method such as high-pressure cleaners that remove stubborn dirt.

The right pressure washer can make light work of a truck or forklift. LTS Equipment has provided high-quality Karcher pressure washers to our clients in your industry, and it has helped transform their approach to cleaning their vehicles.

They no longer dread cleaning, as they have cut their cleaning time down dramatically and are more than happy with the end result. Contact us to find out more about our industrial cleaning equipment Shepparton businesses prefer.