Barrel cleaner demo at Beechworth winery goes down a treat

The team at LTS Equipment recently traveled to winery, Sorrenberg Vineyard in Beechworth to demonstrate the Karcher BC 14/12 wine barrel cleaner. With the barrel cleaner performing well for all in attendance, as it decontaminated a wine barrel through the application of hot water and high pressure.

This barrel cleaner is specially made through world-renowned German engineering to quickly and effectively clean wine barrels, getting them ready for the next batch of wine. Not only does it clean the barrel though, it also empties it through its syphoning function, meaning there’s no unnecessary mess or extra work.

This cleaner is also really versatile for all container cleaning applications and is easy to use, suiting all types of machines – not just Karcher branded ones. It’s also built to last, made from strong stainless steel.

The team at LTS Equipment can come out to your workplace and conduct comprehensive demonstrations that allow you to see how the Karcher barrel cleaner can work for your business, saving you time, money and preventing contamination of your barrels, something that is disastrous for many wineries and other beverage producers.

Watch the video below to see what the team at Sorrenberg Vineyard got to witness in the flesh.

We have recently added this product to our online store, offering 10% off the standard price, so if you’re interested in the Karcher BC 14/12 wine barrel cleaner, get in quick! This unique cleaning device is a must-have for any winery in Australia. To find out more about this specific machine or any of our other cleaning products, contact our team for assistance.