Long-term EWP rental for Bendigo construction projects

At LTS Forklifts we understand that often construction projects take longer than expected, which is why we support local businesses with long-term EWP rental options in Bendigo that allow you to use our state-of-the-art equipment for the entire duration of your project.

Whether you a need scissor lift, articulated boom or vertical mast, we have options available from leading brands, including Haulotte and Snorkel. Our expert teamc an advise you on which type of EWP would be best for your project based on whether you’re working inside or outside, what kind of ground you’re working, the height you need to reach, the space you’re working in and much more.

Our focus is always on providing high-quality equipment and the knowledge and service to match. Whether you need a scissor lift for the weekend or a veticle mast for 6-months, our flexible hire arrangements give you peace of mind knowing you’re well looked after for the entirity of your project.

Why long-term EWP hire beats purchasing

Many of our customers ask us whether it’s worth purchasing an EWP because they need it for an extended period of time, here’s why – in most cases – we would advise them to take out a long-term hire instead:

  • Hiring allows you to maintain cashflow, which is crucial for small to medium businesses
  • Hiring means you’re not impacted by the deterioation or depreciation of the equipment
  • Added flexibility, especially for one-off projects.

Contact our team to find out more about our specific EWP options or for more information about our long-term EWP rental for Bendigo businesses.