How to know which EWP to use for your Wagga Wagga project

LTS Forklifts supplies a large range of EWP’s (elevated work platform) in Wagga Wagga for a range of different projects. When choosing which EWP you should use for your project, there are many things to consider, however, two things that should always be a focus is safety and practicality.

You want to ensure that everyone operating any EWP is properly trained in using that specific machinery, and understands the machine’s safety features and load capacities.

The type of EWP you will need for your project will very much depend on what kind of work you’re carrying out. For example, you’re an electrician changing the lighting in a large retail store, a cherry picker (or articulated boom) will most likely be the best option, while it does not have the load capabilities of an EWP used for heavy-duty projects, it is ideal for maneuvering around tight spaces and obstacles.

If you’re operating on a level surface and need a portable solution then a cherry picker is the ideal choice. Whereas, if you’re operating at above head heights in a confined space then a vertical mast could be the solution you need, as it’s easy to operate and transport. We also provide clients with scissor lifts for both outdoor and indoor projects.

No matter what your needs are we have the right elevated work platform to help you get the job done. The primary brands we stock are Haulotte and Snorkel, two industry-leading brands known for their quality equipment and innovation.

Whether you need to hire an EWP for one day or one year, our flexible hire arrangements will ensure you have access to high-quality access equipment for the duration of your project.

Contact LTS Forklifts to find out more about our EWP’s for Wagga Wagga businesses.