Innovative new forklifts for Wagga Wagga businesses

With the help of new forklifts Wagga Wagga businesses can reap the rewards that come with innovation.

Gone are the days when forklifts were used purely to move stock from one place to another. Thanks to modern models and clever attachments, businesses can now use forklifts for a range of applications.

These trusty workhorses boost efficiency, productivity and employee safety. And they’re so versatile, they’re now an indispensable part of the supply chain.

At LTS Forklifts, we know these powered, easily-manoeuvrable trucks deserve their time in the spotlight. They’re proven performers and they won’t let your business down.

We supply a large range of new forklifts for businesses in Wagga Wagga and further afield. We source our trucks from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including TCM, Jungheinrich, Nichiyu and Sumi. That means clients have access to the best forklifts on the planet.

Whether you need a battery electric forklift or a diesel or gas model, we can help. Do you need a heavy-duty forklift with a 23 tonne capacity or is one tonne capacity more in your ball park? Three wheel or four wheel? For rough terrain or warehouse use? Whatever your your forklift needs, we’ve got you covered.

Forklifts have cemented their place across a range of industries including construction, warehousing and dockyards. You can see them at work in garden centres and recycling  yards. They help maintenance crews carry out their work safely at heights. They’re an asset for transporting people, in safety cages and platforms, so they can carry out tasks including stock inventory. Put simply, many businesses could not do without them.

For new forklifts Wagga Wagga business owners can contact LTS Forklifts for more information about the brands and models we supply.