Get the most out of your forklift with our accessories in Bendigo

To get the most out of your forklift, you need to have the right accessories.

With careful selection, quality forklift accessories in Bendigo can help lift your business to the next level. Whether you want to increase safety levels, lift more, boost efficiency or move tricky objects, LTS Forklifts make it easier for you to reach your goals.

We have a wide range of accessories available and our experienced staff are happy offer advice so clients can get the most benefit out of their hard-working forklifts.

Our East West Engineering forklift accessories give Bendigo businesses an edge over competitors, helping them to enhance their operation. It’s about having the best equipment for the job and working smarter, not harder. Quality accessories make forklifts an even more valuable force for businesses, enhancing their versatility, boosting efficiency and helping to keep staff safe.

When it comes to great equipment, East West Engineering has forged a strong reputation for excellence in manufacturing accessories for forklifts. And we are proud to supply their range to our clients across the region.

From jibs to gas cylinder cages, bin tippers and more, our wide range of accessories opens up a new world of possibilities for your forklift and your business. Some of these robust products also include weight gauges and devices to monitor speed.

Perhaps you run an agricultural or manufacturing business and need a hardy forward bin tipper that allows 180 degree rotation for moving product? Or are you looking for practical crane and overhead lifting accessories for your forklift? What about jib attachments, concrete kibbles to make it easier to move concrete on a work site, or pallet cages so you can safely transport loose items across the factory floor?

Whatever your needs, our experienced crew can help.

For well-made forklift accessories Bendigo businesses need look no further than LTS Forklifts for help. Contact our team today to find out more about the great East West Engineering range of products we offer for sale and short and long-term hire.