The access equipment lifting Albury businesses to new heights

When it comes to access equipment in Albury, it’s time to turn to the high achievers in industry leader Haulotte’s range.

And our friendly crew at LTS Forklifts has you covered. We have a large selection of Haulotte access equipment from scissor lifts to articulated booms, giving you a cost-effective solution to your next project.

Whether you need these technologically advanced access platforms for external or internal work, we can help. We have diesel, battery and dual-power options for you to select from.

When hunting for access equipment Albury clients can trust Haulotte’s range to help them get the job done right. Haulotte high-platform equipment, which centres on safety, efficiency and productivity, adds impressive versatility to a work place without putting staff at risk of danger.

At LTS Forklifts, we can supply you with equipment including articulated booms from 12 metres to 26 metres, telescopic booms from 14m to 25m and vertical masts, 8m to 12m. We also have scissor lifts, 6m to 18m.

Have a look at the video below to see one of the booms we have for hire in action. It’s impressive and might be just what you are after.

Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your requirements. Just ask us, and we’ll get to work.

Access equipment performs a vital role in many work situations. Perhaps you’re after a telescopic boom to help with demolition work or maybe you need a scissor lift for cleaning the outside of a building. From maintenance to construction, cleaning and event management, these agile work platforms allow people to reach great heights safely so they can efficiently perform the tasks needed.

You’ll also appreciate the amount of time they can save on a work site. Instead of waiting around for scaffolding to be assembled so staff can work at height safely, these efficient performers swiftly manoeuvre into place and you’re ready to go. No sweat, no stress and no safety issues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at LTS Forklifts for more information about our access equipment for Albury businesses.