Access equipment hire for Bendigo construction projects

LTS Forklifts provides our clients with a range of high-quality access equipment for hire in Bendigo. As the region continues to grow, as do the amount and scale of the construction projects being completed throughout the region.

The main two brands of access equipment that LTS Forklifts provide to our clients are Snorkel and Haulotte, both of which are leading manufacturers of articulated booms, cherry pickers, elevated work platforms, scissor lifts, and more.

The benefits of access equipment hire

Hiring access equipment has some distinct benefits over purchasing it for construction projects and businesses working on construction projects. We recommend hiring access equipment for the following reasons:

  • Access equipment is vital for many construction projects, allowing people to access all parts of a structure and work safely and effectively at heights. However, access equipment is undoubtedly expensive, especially if you’re purchasing equipment from high-quality brands. For cashflow reasons it often makes sense for construction companies to hire their access equipment instead of outlaying the substantial costs upfront.
  • Often access equipment, or any other type of machinery or equipment for that matter, depreciates instead of appreciates over time. Hiring your access equipment means that your business is making money every day you use the equipment, instead of losing money on the value of equipment you’re using.
  • Another thing about construction projects is that often the timeline to completion changes or varies depending on the project. You may need access equipment for 6-months, a couple of weeks or just a few days, hiring your equipment with a provider that has flexible hiring arrangements such as LTS Forklifts you can have access to the equipment you need for the as long or as short a time as you require.

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