Pressure cleaners for Echuca businesses

The importance of pressure washers for workplace hygiene

Workplace hygiene is understandably something that is at the forefront of all workplace owner’s minds currently. When it comes to effectively maintaining a clean workplace without spending too much time on cleaning duties our Karcher pressure cleaners for Echuca business owners reign supreme.

From local councils to warehouses, factories, and workshops, a pressure washer is the most useful piece of cleaning equipment you can have in your cleaning arsenal. Having a high-quality pressure washer allows you to clean a surface area in a quicker period of time than using any other type of cleaning equipment, allowing you to keep your workspace clean and sanitary without taking away time from your work.

At LTS Equipment we can help you find the right pressure washer to suit your needs, we offer a large range of both hot and cold water models.

Cold water vs hot water pressure washers

Many people choose cold water pressure washers because of the affordable price point, their easy maneuverability and the fact that they generally require less maintenance than hot water models. Cold water pressure washers rely primarily on high pressure to dislodge dust and dirt from surfaces.

On the other hand, hot water pressure washers are the best option for people who clean oily or greasy surfaces on a regular basis. The hot water combined with the pressure allows you to break up grease and oils, making it relatively easily clean these types of surfaces.

Our range is also available for hire as well as purchase. The LTS Equipment team is experts in industrial cleaning equipment and can also service and repairs your pressure washer, ensuring you get the most out of your model.

Contact us to find out more about our pressure cleaners for Echuca businesses. Effectively keeping your workplace clean has never been more important.