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Kärcher pressure washers

Does your type of work require large areas to be cleaned on a daily basis? From car parks to municipalities, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners will get big cleaning jobs done with ease, making light work of menial daily cleaning tasks.

The Kärcher brand is equated with innovation and experience, with Alfred Kärcher producing Europe’s first hot-water pressure washer in the 1950s. So forward-thinking at the time, the base technology used to produce this first cleaning product under the Kärcher name is still used today.

LTS Equipment supplies the following Kärcher pressure washers, Australia-wide:

  • cold water high pressure cleaners
  • hot water high pressure cleaners.

Kärcher pressure cleaners are built to last with guaranteed “corrosion-free for life” pumps, engineered from polyamide and glass fibre materials. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail, we will happily recommend a Kärcher cleaning product to suit your needs. We service Australia-wide including Bendigo, Albury, Echuca, Wagga Wagga and Shepparton.

LTS Equipment also supplies Kärcher vacuum cleaners for wet and dry commercial and industrial applications.

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Cold Water Electric

Kärcher cold water electric pressure cleaners are a reliable choice for commercial and industrial cleaning in a range of sectors such as janitorial cleaning, automotive, material handling equipment, manufacturing and more. These machines are lightweight to manoeuvre yet provide heavy duty cleaning. Clean with or without detergent and control water pressure with an easy trigger gun….

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Hot Water Electric

Think running a hot water electric pressure cleaner will be costly and not environmentally friendly? Think again! The Kärcher pressure washers are available with the ECO mode – an automatic mode of operation which saves you money and is better for the environment. A sturdy design and long list of standard accessories makes the Kärcher hot water…

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Cold Water Diesel

Kärcher cold water diesel-powered pressure cleaners are suitable for tough industrial applications where there is no access to electricity and petrol fumes pose a threat to safety. Kärcher describes their cold water high-pressure cleaners as a “cold shower for stubborn dirt.” Diesel-powered pressure washers are an economical choice when you need to clean large areas. We…

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Cold Water Petrol

Kärcher cold water petrol pressure cleaners are a reliable choice for large spaces requiring extra attention when it comes to cleaning. Commercial cold water pressure cleaners cut water wastage and deliver exceptional cleaning efficiencies over large areas such as car parks and municipalities. The Kärcher brand is known for their world-class pressure cleaners which blast away built-up dirt…

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Cold Water Stationary

Kärcher cold water stationary pressure cleaners are great for tight spaces and small areas where it is difficult to manoeuvre bulky industrial cleaning equipment. Despite their compact size these stationary cleaners are highly powered with one lance for hygiene purposes. With an easy-press trigger gun, flexible hose and available with a range of extra features, you’ll…

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Hot Water Diesel

Take the economic benefits of a diesel-powered engine and combine this with the superior cleaning power of hot water and you have a cost-effective and powerful cleaning machine. Sometimes cold water simply isn’t enough to budge tough grease and oil – you need hot water to blast the grime away. Kärcher hot water diesel pressure cleaners…

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Hot Water Petrol

Take the same amount of pressure and innovation – add hot water – and you have the excellence that is Kärcher’s hot water high-pressure cleaners. The Kärcher hot water petrol pressure cleaners are suitable to use in well-ventilated environments where petrol fumes are easily dissipated. They provide extreme cleaning power in a range of industrial applications. Our range…

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Hot Water Stationary

Kärcher hot water stationary pressure cleaners are perfect for environments where space is compromised but cleaning and sanitising can’t be. Hot water cleaning is great for sanitising equipment in healthcare, food and beverage industries without the need for harsh chemicals which can leave unhealthy and even dangerous residues on surfaces that humans come into contact with. Our…

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