Industrial cleaning equipment for Bendigo’s growing manufacturers

When it comes to industrial cleaning equipment Bendigo manufacturers are after quality, durability and results.

Manufacturing is Bendigo’s largest industry, producing about $2.3 billion a year for the region. It’s responsible for close to 20 per cent of jobs and it’s vital to the economy.

In order for manufacturing to remain efficient, many businesses rely on heavy-duty machinery to help them get the job done. And that means it’s important to source heavy-duty cleaning equipment to keep that machinery free from dirt and grime and working smoothly.

Whether you’re involved in dairy and meat product manufacturing, defence vehicle manufacture or fabricated metal production, cleaning equipment is part of the mix.

For professional industrial cleaning equipment Bendigo manufacturers can turn to LTS Equipment’s experienced team for help. We know the sort of equipment they need. And that’s equipment from leading companies such as Karcher.

Are you looking for a walk-behind scrubber-sweeper for a warehouse? Maybe you need a high-pressure washer for cleaning a fleet of forklifts? Or do you need an industrial vacuum cleaner that can handle wet and dry debris?

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with both purchase and hire options.

We understand how crucial Bendigo’s manufacturing industry is to the region’s economic health. It’s a massive contributor and a vibrant sector that’s full of talent.

We’re proud to be able to play our part by providing the quality industrial cleaning equipment Bendigo manufacturers can rely on day in, day out.

For more information about our equipment range, contact LTS Equipment today.