Find the best commercial heaters before winter kicks in

Whether you need to heat your commercial premises, treat products or quickly clean up spills, choose our LPG or diesel-fired commercial heaters for convenience and safety.

We stock the industry-renowned Spitwater range of commercial heaters, giving businesses the ability to choose the best heating for your needs.

For odourless heating without the presence of fumes, you can’t go past the diesel-fired Spitfire range. The preferred commercial heaters for factories and industries at risk of flammable hazards, these heaters are custom-designed to meet occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements under high working temperatures.

If you operate a spray paint booth, automotive workshop, factory or storage facility for flammable materials, enjoy peace of mind with a variety of safety features built in to your Spitfire heater – including an automatic shutdown.

We also provide LPG-fired heating through the Jetfire commercial heater range. Featuring a compact design, these portable heaters are ideal for industrial, agricultural and construction environments.

As well as providing instant and efficient heat, the Jetfire heaters include a connection point for additional accessories, like a timer, and a safety shutdown mechanism in case of failure or overheating.

We stock a variety of commercial heaters to suit different requirements, from room size to air flow and temperature. Please contact us to find out more.