Industrial vacuum cleaners keep Bendigo’s health care services clean.

Health care services are not only heavy traffic areas, but require regular cleaning to remove sickness and disease risk. Our industrial vacuum cleaners come with a range of features to ensure a thorough clean and satisfy Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards.

From hospitals to doctors’ surgeries and clinics, our industrial vacuum cleaners ensure all surfaces are kept as clean as possible to reduce the risk of illness. We stock the Spitwater range of industrial vacuum cleaners, specially designed for professional use.

It’s easy to keep high-traffic entryways and corridor floors free of dirt, dust and grime, as well as remove liquids and other spills with the custom-designed Spitwater industrial vacuum cleaners. Not only do these high-performance machines provide a strong, unbroken suction power, but are also equipped with an extensive range of features, including:

  • overflow protection
  • efficient filter system
  • low noise level
  • corrosion-resistant tank – ideal for solids, liquids and other chemicals or materials used in health care facilities.

In addition, a variety of accessories are available for use with our industrial vacuum cleaners to further customise your cleaning equipment.

Health care services are subject to stringent hygiene requirements and our Spitwater equipment is designed so you can easily adhere to safety standards, for the health and well-being of staff, patients and visitors.

Please contact us to find out more about industrial vacuum cleaners for your health care facility.