Shepparton’s access equipment specialists

As a regional hub, Shepparton plays host to many large-scale events, from family-fun days to sporting competitions and commercial fairs. At LTS Forklifts, our high-quality access equipment ensures Shepparton’s events are safely and efficiently set up, and go off without a hitch.

Our variety of Shepparton access equipment means we are equipped to support a wide range of events in the city and across the region. LTS Forklifts is proud to offer access equipment from internationally renowned brand Haulotte. Haulotte is the world’s third largest manufacturer of access equipment, and has developed a strategy that revolves around the provision of a complete product range.

Haulotte uses the highest quality materials and components from recognised suppliers. That, combined with ISO 9001 accreditation, ensures you guaranteed reliability and extended service life from your Shepparton access equipment.

Haulotte work platforms are available in battery, diesel and dual power models. There is a model to suit both indoor and outdoor event purposes. LTS Forklifts stocks a vast access equipment product range to suit almost any event. We stock articulated booms, from 12 to 26 metres, telescopic booms, 14 to 25 metres, scissor lifts, six to 18 metres, and vertical masts, eight to 12 metres.

When sourcing your Shepparton access equipment from LTS Forklifts, you know you are getting a wide range of high-quality and reliable products to help your event run smoothly. Contact us today to start planning your access equipment needs for your event.