Electric pressure cleaners for your automotive workshop

If you run or work in an automotive workshop, you’ll know how grease finds its way everywhere, seeping into your tools and your skin with ease. Keep grease, oils and other mess where it belongs with specialised, high-powered electric pressure cleaners for auto workshops.

We understand the particular needs of the automotive industry and common products mechanics work with – from paints to petrol and other chemicals. While these do wonders for your car, truck or other vehicle – they can be dangerous if left out in the open.

It’s important to keep surfaces as clean as possible in a workshop, to prevent slipping and remove any potential for injury. Grease and oil spots are common, but our electric pressure cleaners ensure it’s a quick job to clean up after a service.

Fumes are another concern, not least because of the fire hazard, but also for health reasons. Paints, petrol and other chemicals can let off dangerous fumes if spills are left untouched. Ensure a safe working environment in your workshop by using electric pressure cleaners to help reduce the risk created by toxic fumes.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your workshop is – we’ve got a huge range of cleaners available, including models that can be carried on your back to save space as well as battery-operated options.

Please contact us to find the best electric pressure cleaner for your automotive workshop.