WorkSafe VIC, developing a traffic management plan for forklifts

Click on the image above to download the Forklifts – Developing a traffic management plan PDF.

In their handbook “Forklift safety reducing the risk”, WorkSafe Victoria states:

“A medium-sized forklift weighs about the same as your average dump truck – and can cause just as much damage and injury. You would place tight controls on a heavy vehicle such as a dump truck travelling around your workplace, and the same must be done for a forklift.”

This statement rings true with us and we urge all workplaces with forklifts in Victoria across the country to carefully read and consider developing a traffic management plan.

Three of the best things you can do to ensure forklifts and people don’t mix are:

  • Educate: Educate all staff about correct usage of forklifts, not just staff who will be operating them. Because all staff should understand that these machines should only be operated by trained members of the team and be able to identify misconduct and signage. Additional training should be provided to staff operating the forklifts.
  • Sign: Ensure appropriate signage is in your workplace, safety signs help staff to remember that forklifts may be in use at any given time.
  • Segregate: Barriers are an effective way to ensure people and forklifts don’t mix.

If you implement the three steps above you have the beginnings of a traffic management plan. Ensure staff training and signage is up-to-date and remember to have your workplace forklifts serviced.

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