Warehouse equipment for start-up businesses

Cheap forklift sales and rental

A selection of second-hand forklifts for sale (above).

If you’re starting up your own business or have a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) which has grown and could use the assistance of materials handling equipment, chances are you can’t afford the outlay of a new forklift. When you’re running a small business, managing cash flow is so important and managing it well can spell the difference between growing into a successful business or going under.

We provide a variety of options suitable for start-ups and SMEs to ensure they have access to the equipment they need to move their business onwards and upwards. We have three great options which can help businesses meet the demands of their workplace in a safe and timely manner:

  1. Cheap forklifts – we stock a pre-loved range of second-hand forklifts year-round. You’re really not compromising on safety or quality either, with market-leading brands such as Mitsubishi and Toyota which have been thoroughly serviced to serve a long second life.
  2. Forklift rental – available for short and long-term hire. The rental option allows you to budget the payments into your cash flow.
  3. Fleet sale – in May each year we have a special fleet sale which provides you with excellent value for money.

We pride ourselves on providing globally recognised brands of forklifts, with local sales and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, one of our friendly team will happily talk you through your choice depending on the needs of your business.