Cleaning up with Kärcher vacuum cleaners

Australia – a land of droughts and flooding rain. The last month of winter has produced a mix bag of weather conditions across the continent. While parts of the nation are crying out for rain that has been disappointingly absent, other areas are water-logged and not looking forward to showers forecast to mark the start of spring.

It’s those flooded areas of the nation that are the focus of this month’s news, with our range of Kärcher vacuum cleaners able to help with the clean up when the floodwater subsides.

Water and vacuum cleaners are two items that once did not go together, and if the two did accidentally come in contact the end result was a ruined vacuum cleaner and a hefty repair or replacement bill.

For most mainstream domestic vacuum cleaners, the separation of machine and water still applies. But engineering advancements in the past decade or two have led to the creation of specialised wet and dry vacuum cleaners that work equally well in wet and dry conditions, cleaning up dust and dirt in the dry, and the soggy mess left behind after flooding or wash-downs.

The Kärcher range headlines the assortment of wet and dry vacuum on the market today designed to cope with the wide range of scenarios our land of drought and flooding rain presents.

From the compact NT 271 AU through to the top-of-the-range NT 703 with its 70-limetre capacity and up to three motors, Kärcher has a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that will cope with jobs ranging from mopping up after a warehouse washdown, through to getting the house or shop back in order when floodwater recedes.

Kärcher’s range of wet and dry vacuums are designed to be stable on uneven surfaces such as the debris-strewn floors left behind after flooding and come standard with powerful and reliable motors, wet and dry floor tools, suction hose, advanced filtration and noise reduction features.

If you’re attempting to clean up after winter’s flooding, expect flooding rain in spring or just want a vacuum cleaner that will cope with surfaces that can be dry one day, wet the next, make sure you contact us for advice to help you choose the right wet and dry Kärcher vacuum cleaner for the job.