Classes of high risk work

Jobs you need a licence for

Do you hold a licence to operate the machinery above?

High risk work is just that – work that is dangerous and poses a threat to human life. High risk work generally includes large, heavy-duty machinery and needs to be carried out by experienced professionals who hold a high risk work licence to perform their particular type of work.

There are classes of high risk work as categorised by Safe Work Australia, the national body aiming to improve work health and safety across the country. We recognise the majority of the equipment we sell and hire can be categorised as high risk and we urge you to familiarise yourself with the following classes:

  • Basic rigging – including the use of hoists and mast climbing work platforms
  • Intermediate rigging – including hoists with jibs and self-climbing hoists cranes, conveyors, dredges and excavators
  • Materials hoist – use of a materials hoist such as our brick and goods cages
  • Personnel and materials hoist – use of a personnel and materials hoist such as our man cages
  • Boom type elevating work platform – Use of a boom-type elevating work platform where the length of the boom is 11 metres or more
  • Reach stacker – Operation of a reach stacker of greater than 3 tonnes capacity that incorporates an attachment for lifting, moving and travelling with a shipping container, but does not include a portainer crane
  • Forklift truck – Use of a forklift truck other than an order picking forklift truck
  • Order picking forklift truck – Use of an order picking forklift truck.

Even if you are performing any of the above as a once-off task, it’s important you hold a current licence to perform high risk work. You should never risk the safety of yourself or people around you by performing even a “one-off” task without holding a current high risk licence, and the confidence to complete the task safely.

For more information about classes of high risk work, see the Safe Work Australia website. Contact us for information about any of our equipment for sale or hire in VIC or NSW.