Spitwater high temperature pressure cleaners for industry

Blast away germs with ease

If you work in the food production industry, no doubt cleaning your work space is the bane of your existence. Working with consumables requires the highest standard of cleanliness possible – your work space needs to be clean, sterile and ready for the next day.

You can’t risk your businesses reputation by potentially making people sick from food or beverages that have been produced in an unclean environment.

Blast away germs, smell and mess with the utterly fantastic range of Spitwater high temperature pressure cleaners. These offer the benefits of hot water cleaning without the need for diesel burners.

The Spitwater high temperature pressure cleaners accept hot water from an industrial or commercial hot water system up to 85 degrees.

Perfect for the food production industry, including:

  • Butchers
  • Wineries
  • Poultry producers
  • Animal breeders

There are three models available including optional wall-mounted models with galvanised stainless steel covers.

Please contact us for help choosing a model to best suit your needs and budget. We ship Spitwater products Australia-wide.