Industrial vacuum cleaners: the Spitwater Delfin Industrial Vacuum DM35WD

Superior wet and dry suction

For sturdy machines with exceptional suction, you can’t beat Spitwater industrial vacuum cleaners.

The Spitwater Delfin Industrial Vacuum DM35WD has outstanding suction power for wet or dry applications making it an extremely versatile machine for tough industries. The all steel construction means it can easily perform in rigorous conditions. It also has a large 120L waste tank capacity and powerful 2 X 1150 Watt motor.

When you think of flooded areas you don’t usually think of using a vacuum cleaner – but with its wet application abilities, the Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner is particularly useful for flooded car parks, ware houses, work sites, back yards, basements, houses and more!

Download the brochure for more information about the Delfin Industrial Vacuum DM35WD or watch this video to see the machine in action:

We ship Spitwater industrial vacuum cleaners Australia wide, so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Information about this vacuum cleaner including images and video from the Spitwater Vacuum Cleaners Australia website.