Spitwater diesel powered portable heaters

Did you know that it is a legal obligation for a person who is conducting a business or undertaking to minimise risk to the health and safety of their workers in extremely hot or cold environments?

This means if you are conducting a commercial or industrial business you are responsible for taking all reasonable measures to ensure the health and safety of your workers. Moving into the colder months now, it is time for many businesses to think about how they are going to minimise the effects of extreme cold for certain occupations.

Workers who are not adequately protected from extremities of cold can get an abnormally low core body temperature, which can result in Hypothermia.

Our diesel heaters are perfect for warehouses, service stations, airports, store rooms, workshops, laboratories, sewage plants, and much more. There are two main types available (in a range of models):

  1. INDIRECT Fired Kerosene/Diesel – this type is especially suitable for work environments where flammable materials are a concern. They pump out warm and fresh air without fumes or flames.
  2. DIRECT Fired Kerosene/Diesel – must be used in a well-ventilated area such as a factory or warehouse.

Portable diesel heaters will warm up any area quickly, efficiently, and without risk in hazardous environments.

The Spitwater range is extensive and we are experts at helping commercial clients choose the most appropriate heater for their environment.

For diesel heaters in Australia-wide, please contact us.