Professional forklift servicing in Victoria

Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses and any breakdowns can cost owners time and money.

So spare yourself the unnecessary downtime drama and repair expenses by organising quality forklift servicing in Victoria with LTS Forklifts.

At LTS Forklifts, we are big believers in regular servicing of these mechanical workhorses. In many businesses forklifts are constantly on the move as they lift and shift items around all day. They’re relied on to do an important job and you can’t afford to get lax with servicing, maintenance and repairs if you want them running efficiently and safely.

For example, regular checks and maintenance on mast chains are vital to keep people, and the products being moved around, safe from harm. The chains are central to forklift operation, playing a major role handling the weight of the transported goods and the fork when they are raised. Faulty or damaged chains can pose a serious safety risk in a workplace so get them checked.

We know that forklift servicing allows our trusty team to catch any small problems before they become costly repairs that grind your productivity to a halt. It’s also important that people using the forklifts stay on top of their vehicle’s condition with a daily inspection to keep them in tip-top condition.

If you are unsure what a daily check involves, ask our friendly team for advice. We are massive supporters of the trusty pre-start inspection, which begins with a walk around to check for issues like damaged forks, insufficient hydraulic oil, worn tyres and leaking fuel or coolant.

But the checks don’t stop there. Start it up to ensure the lights work, the brake pedal is operating well, the seat is well adjusted and a host of other factors.

When it comes to professional forklift servicing in Victoria it’s comforting to know you can trust LTS Forklifts for a quality result. And there’s also peace of mind in knowing we have a mobile breakdown service for all of our clients.

If your forklift needs a service, repair or routine maintenance, please contact us to book it in at one of our service centres without delay.