Forklift servicing Bendigo clients can trust

Forklifts are expensive pieces of machinery so it pays to keep them in great condition with quality forklift servicing in Bendigo and beyond.

At LTS Forklifts, we understand the importance of regular maintenance. It’s all about ensuring forklifts perform at the optimum level, enjoy a long lifespan and are safe for people to use.

As leading providers of forklifts – both for hire and sale – we place a high emphasis on regular servicing of these robust workhorses. And we encourage our customers to follow a thorough checklist before starting and using a forklift to ensure it is in tip-top condition.

The checklist includes a visual inspection of the forklift, allowing you to see whether there’s wear and tear on tyres and rims. You should make sure there are no fractures or bends in the forks, remove any debris from the guard overhead and carry out checks for potential leaks of coolant and fuel. When you start the forklift up, don’t forget to check whether the lights and brakes are working well.

If there’s a problem, don’t ignore it. Get expert help. For quality forklift servicing Bendigo people can rely on our professional team to carry out any necessary repairs swiftly and competently, so get in touch straight away.

Regular servicing is a must for the hard-working forklift. While safety is a priority, quality maintenance can prevent wasteful down time caused by equipment failure.

WorkSafe Victoria lists forklifts as a major cause of serious injury in workplaces across the state. It has run awareness campaigns focusing on forklifts in an effort to improve safety in workplaces that use forklifts to carry out their heavy lifting.

At LTS Forklifts, we have professional workshops set up in several locations to carry out regular maintenance, servicing and swift repairs on a wide range of forklifts. You can also ask us about spare parts and attachments.

If you would like to know more about our forklift servicing in Bendigo, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, experienced team at LTS Forklifts.