Karcher pressure washers for graffiti removal

When you’ve got a mess of graffiti to clean away, Karcher pressure washers are your new best friends.

These electric pressure-washing workhorses power through the paint with cold water to leave the surface below clean and the problem solved.

Graffiti has become part of the urban landscape across Australia and the world. It leaves large clean-up bills for councils and landowners in its wake and, it’s safe to say, not everyone is a fan.

That’s why people from Albury joined Graffiti Removal Day a few months ago in an effort to remove ugly tagging and paint vandalism in the regional city. Albury’s clean-up, led by the city’s Youth Council, was one of 450 sites across NSW to join the state-wide initiative.

While some graffiti can be an art and history lesson – think the Berlin Wall – there’s a huge body of graffiti that falls into the ‘unattractive’ category. And it’s costing ratepayers lots of money, with an Albury councillor putting the municipality’s annual bill for cleaning up graffiti at about $100,000.

While the clean-up crew armed themselves with tools including small brushes on the day, a high-power Karcher pressure washer such as the HD 10/23-4 S model will get graffiti removal done quickly. With an upright construction, this easy-to-manoeuvre unit features a high-pressure gun as well as pressure switch control for easy use.

Karcher pressure washers take the effort out of heavy-duty cleaning. These versatile performers, which are used for cleaning across a range of industries including automotive and manufacturing, are ideal for stripping graffiti from surfaces.

At LTS Equipment, we’re big believers in the quality of Karcher cold water electric cleaners, which you can use with or without detergent. They’re tough, reliable, efficient and built to last. In fact Karcher pressure cleaners come with guaranteed ‘corrosion free for life’ pumps. That says it all and that’s why we’re proud to stock them for our customers.

If you want more information on Karcher pressure washers, and how to use them to remove graffiti, contact us at LTS Equipment. We are here to help.