Say thanks to your cleaners with top-quality Kärcher pressure washers

October 18th 2017 is Thank Your Cleaner Day

Ahead of Thank Your Cleaner Day in October, the team at LTS Equipment wants to give a big shout-out to all the tireless cleaners out there. We know how hard cleaning can be – whether trying to keep grease and oil out of your automotive workshop, keeping hospitals and medical centres sterile or maintaining shopping centres and other public areas.

At LTS Equipment, we like to show our thanks by providing top-quality Kärcher pressure washers – making our cleaners jobs as easy as possible. Cleaners play such a huge role in all industries, from retail to food and beverage, manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, construction and health care. Without cleaners, businesses and organisations run the risk of increased injury and reduced productivity.

Join us in saying thanks to your cleaners by making their life easier.

No matter your industry, we have the pressure washers to shift even the most stubborn nasties. Our range includes hot and cold water Kärcher pressure washers for easy removal of dirt, dust, grime, mud, oil and other chemicals.

What is Thank Your Cleaner Day?

Thank Your Cleaner Day started in New Zealand in 2015 as a joint initiative between Kärcher and the Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ) organisation. The aim of the day is for everyone working in facilities employing professional cleaners to stop and acknowledge their important services in promoting cleanliness, safety and hygiene.

The first Thank Your Cleaner Day was wildly successful and the message spread far and wide. In 2017, countries from across the world are getting involved, including Australia, the USA, Canada and Mexico.

You can get involved on Facebook and find out more at the Thank Your Cleaner website.

Please contact us to find out more about how Kärcher pressure washers will have your cleaners thanking you too!