Exclusive: RM 110 Karcher pressure cleaners

If you’re looking for another reason to choose Karcher pressure cleaners for your business, look no further than RM 110. Exclusive to Karcher, this cleaning agent is packed with benefits to extend the life of your pressure cleaner and save your business money.

At LTS Equipment, we’ve dropped our price for all RM 100 supply sizes – from 1 litre to 1000 litre drums and are happy to demonstrate how the RM 110 system works, so customers can see the benefits of this unique system in action.

The key elements of hot water pressure cleaners are hot water and high pressure – and RM 110 works on both fronts to increase the service life and effectiveness of your machine.

A powerful cleaning agent designed specifically for the maintenance and care of high pressure cleaners, RM 110 features two core properties:

  • descaler that prevents the build-up of lime deposits in the all-important heating coils
  • corrosion protection for machine parts in contact with water.

Using RM 110 in your hot water pressure cleaner not only lowers maintenance requirements, but also ensures correct heating ranges are maintained and reduces fuel consumption without degrading the quality of stainless steel elements – keeping your machine in optimum condition for longer.


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