Best option for a forklift in NSW

All men might be created equal, but that’s certainly not the case with forklifts. The differences between forklifts can be as stark as night and day or black and white. All forklifts are designed to lift but that’s about where the similarities end. No, all forklifts are not created equal. Not in quality, not in reliability, not in features, not in the loads they carry.

At LTS Forklifts we specialise in helping customers looking to buy a forklift in NSW and matching them with the product best suited to their requirements. We have the knowledge, skills and range of forklifts to deliver the best and most appropriate product for the job at hand.

Need a forklift to operate within the confines of a shed or small factory and with a capacity of no more than 3000 kilograms? Then the FRB-8 Series Reach Truck from TCM would be ideal. What about something to shift pallets in a storeroom or unload trailers? Then a Jungheinrich pallet stacker or walkie pallet truck would probably be perfect.

The point is, at LTS Forklifts there’s a reason for our reputation as the go-to team when looking for a forklift in NSW. We provide the right advice and the right products for the right price.

Buying the wrong forklift is an expensive mistake. It can also be a dangerous mistake. You wouldn’t buy a forklift that generates exhaust fumes if it needs to work indoors, nor would you buy a forklift with cushion tyres if it’s going to be working outdoors on a variety of surfaces – that’s when you’d want a forklift with pneumatic tyres, or maybe even an all-terrain forklift with features designed to cope with the rugged surfaces and debris of a construction site.

At LTS Forklifts we’ll work with you to identify the most appropriate forklift to suit your current requirements and also ensure it will meet your requirements as your business grows. Contact the experts in forklifts in NSW, LTS Forklifts, and we’ll ensure you get the lift you require.