We stock Crown, Linde Material Handling, Nissan and Toyota used forklifts

Trusted brands ready for a second life at your business

Used forklifts present excellent value for your business. And when you purchase them through LTS Forklifts, you can rest assured they’ve been well-serviced to serve you for safe a second life. In fact, when you’re choosing used forklifts safety is obviously an element to look at, but the only real downside can be that they mightn’t last quite as many years as a brand-spanking new model.

We stock trusted brands such as Nissan, Crown, Linde Material Handling and Toyota used forklifts which are all reputable in terms of quality manufacturing, safety and longevity. While we can’t promise your chosen forklift will last a specific amount of time from when you purchase it as a used model, from our experience they can certainly last a number of years.

As with car sales, new cars devalue extremely quickly! Whereas second-hand cars often present better value for buyers who simply need to get from A to B. If you simply need to get your pallets of stock from A to B, there’s no reason why a used forklift from one of our respected brands – Toyota, Linde Material Handling, Crown or Nissan – won’t do the trick. Buying a used model will also free up valuable funds for other areas of the business, too.

Our used stock varies, so please contact us to see what we have available currently and for any enquiries you might have.