Look no further for industrial-strength vacuum cleaners!

Powerful suction, reliable cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaners sit at the extreme end of vacuum cleaners. In terms of strength and sturdiness, the scale would have to go: domestic, commercial, industrial.

If domestic vacs were as powerful and durable as industrial ones, they’d be too expensive for the average home-owner! And not compatible with domestic storage – where would you keep it? Similarly, you could never tackle a heavy-duty industrial cleaning job with a domestic or commercial-grade vac. They simply wouldn’t clean with adequate power or last the distance, leaving surfaces less-than-clean.

Look no further for industrial vacuum cleaners! We stock a couple of different brands which manufacture models designed for use in heavy-duty industries, including large-scale contract cleaning, health care and manufacturing. Even wet or hot environments are no match for our special vacuum cleaners. We stock special models which are capable of running on battery power when access to electricity isn’t possible – something cleaners of industrial sites can no doubt relate to!

If you’re looking for a stockist of industrial vacuum cleaners, we ship Australia-wide. Our team is on-hand and ready to take your calls about which model might be best for your needs. Please contact us for queries and allow us to assist you with your choice.