Your Australian-based supplier of Karcher pressure washers

We are proud to be an Australian-based supplier of Karcher pressure washers for commercial and industrial use. We also pride ourselves on our sales knowledge and enthusiasm helping customers across the country get the equipment they need to get a variety of tough cleaning jobs done! As a trusted supplier, we have several offices in two states which work to bring you the best cleaning products at reasonable prices. When it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning, we know quality matters, because your pressure washers need to last the distance when you’re blasting away dirt and debris from municipalities and material handling equipment, to name but a couple of examples.

Where quality matters, Karcher delivers. The company was born, bred and headquartered in Germany – a country renowned for its innovative, quality products and their pressure washers are absolutely no exception. In fact, the brand name has managed to infiltrate homes, businesses and industrial sites alike – most people we speak with know about Karcher pressure washers. What they often don’t know about is the different classes and levels of pressure washers which are suitable for different applications. That’s where we come in. While our offices and depot are based in the east, we will happily provide phone advice and then supply machines to the north, west and south!

In fact, if you contact us during our business hours you’ll be able to speak to one of our friendly and experienced staff who are passionate about supplying businesses with the right cleaning equipment.