Cleaning equipment for the food and beverage industry

You need specific cleaning equipment for the food and beverage industry. If you produce or package food and/or beverages, public health and safety should be of paramount importance for two (main) reasons:

  1. You don’t want to make people sick – if you work in food production, this is a constant fear! Your manufacturing equipment needs to be completely sanitised before each use. Domestic cleaning equipment doesn’t quite cut it in the commercial food production industry. You need equipment designed to not just clean but sanitise on a large scale.
  2. You want people to continue buying your products and maintain a positive reputation for your brand – unfortunately it only takes one outbreak of a stomach bug or an illness associated with the food or beverages you’ve produced to damage your brand for a lengthy period of time or worse, permanently. More than just protecting your brand, you want people to actively continue buying and enjoying your products!

In the lead-up to Christmas people are buying more food and drink products, stocking up for the festive season, camping trips and public holidays. You’re probably ramping up production right about now and it’s important you don’t neglect sanitising your production equipment correctly. The right cleaning equipment will make it easier for you and safer for your clients! At LTS Equipment, our range includes hot water and high-temperature pressure washers suitable for cleaning in the food and beverage industry. Our high-temperature pressure cleaners accept hot water up to 85 degrees Celsius, designed to blast away grease, oil and germs.

Wineries, poultry producers and more will benefit from hot water sanitation. Protect your consumers and your own peace of mind! Contact us to discuss your particular needs and we will happily recommend the cleaning equipment for you. Our products are also available Australia-wide.