Cold water petrol pressure cleaners

Our HP251AE Petrol Industrial is a cold water petrol industrial Spitwater machine. This portable petrol industrial unit is perfect for cleaning, washing and descaling.

Cold water petrol pressure cleaners by Spitwater use Honda petrol engines supplied by Honda Australia which include a three year Australia-wide warranty.

The HP251AE Petrol Industrial Key Features are:

  • 3650 PSI (250 Bar) at 15 L/min;
  • 4500 PSI turbo pressure (optional);
  • Ceramic pistons & brass pump;
  • Cooling tank, Oz-tuff belt drive;
  • Water by-pass when trigger is closed;
  • 13 HP Honda w/ electric start (three year warranty).

The machine also has a list of optional accessories to choose from such as hose reel, sandblasting lance and more. Our accessories allow you to customise your petrol pressure washer to suit specific needs.

For reliable cold water pressure cleaners, contact us on 1300 669 920 or contact us here.