Why chose a diesel heater?

For portable heating sources, you have the option of an LPG fired commercial heater or a diesel fired industrial heater.  But if you are needing to heat an area that contains flammable fire hazards, such as paint spray booths and factories, you will need a diesel heater.  They supply fresh warm air with no fumes or flames present.  At LTS Equipment, we have diesel fired heaters from Spitwater.

As with all Spitwater products, the Spitfire commercial and industrial diesel heaters offer high performance, reliability and efficiency:

  • A compact and sturdy design to make it easily portable
  • Highly efficient combustion
  • Safety shutdown in case of fan failure or overheating
  • A thermostat and timer are optional extras

So for your industrial and commercial diesel heater needs, contact us on 1300 669 920 or fill out our online contact form here.