Diesel heaters

Our extensive range of Spitfire Portable Heaters and Dryers include diesel heaters that are specifically designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat to the industrial, agricultural, construction and commercial sectors.  While mainly being used to heat warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, breeding sheds and greenhouses, they can also be used for drying and curing materials in the building, agricultural and other industries.

The primary reason to use a diesel powered heater as opposed to a gas powered one would be that they are the preferred option for areas that contain flammable fire hazards (such as factories and paint spray booths).  They supply fresh warm air with no fumes or flames present.  Extra safety features include an automatic shutdown in case of fan failure or overheating.  There are also optional accessories including a thermostat, timer and more.  Talk to us here at LTS Equipment and we will ensure that we match the correct diesel heater  to your needs.