Operating high pressure cleaners

High pressure cleaners are a great way to remove debris and dirt from different surfaces and items.  However, it is essential to follow specific safety precautions in order to lower your risk of accidents and injuries.  Did you know that approximately 20% of high pressure cleaner injuries were chemical burns, and another 15% were lacerations to the fingers and hands.

When operating a high pressure cleaner it is important to wear safety gear at all times.  Safety glasses or goggles, steel capped boots and gloves can help protect you from chemical burns and the severity of injuries that can be caused from the stream of high pressure water.

The typical garden hose has approximately 40 pounds per square inch pressure (PSI) and is relatively safe to use.  High pressure cleaners are known to have a maximum PSI of 5000, which can cause severe injuries if it comes in contact with your skin or clothing-covered body.  Since the hose has an enormous pressure, it is essential not to point it at other people when turned on.

When operating the high pressure cleaner, be cautious of people or objects around you.  Do not point the stream of water toward any wiring or electrical outlets because this could cause a fire or a power failure.  The high pressure water detroys electrical wiring, which could cause a spark and create a fast-moving electrical fire.  Always monitor the area where you are working.

At LTS Equipment, your safety is our priority.  We only stock products that perform the best, clean the fastest, and are the easiest to use.