Keeping your transport vehicles clean

Transport vehicles are a moving advertisement for a business as they eat up the kilometres around Australia delivering all manner of goods. This is why they need to be kept in prime condition at the end of a long haul trip. Oil, dirt, dust, salt, mud – you name it – it all needs to be removed so your vehicle is sending out a message of quality, pride and reliability.

In the short term, using pressure washer cleaners will keep your vehicle looking smart, in the long-term, regular cleaning will stop pockets of rust and corrosion damaging your unit.

Here’s how:

  • To wash a large trailer you will need power washing equipment of 2000 psi or more. This makes the job quick and efficient.
  • Spray the whole trailer and then go back and work in sections – first with soap and then with rinsing water. For areas heavy with grease or oil use a degreaser and let it presoak before starting. Work from top to bottom and rinse generously with fresh water when done.
  • Handy attachments are a telescoping wand extension rather than work on a ladder. The extension can reach up to 24 feet high. This also comes with a trigger gun.
  • A flex tubing extension is great for cleaning awkward areas underneath the truck without crouching down.

Keep a clean cut sparkling image of your company and extend the life of your vehicle.