Spitwater pressure washer maintenance

Spitwater is a brand name synonymous with pressure washers. It is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high pressure washers that are perfect for use in the commercial, industrial or agricultural industries for washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting- those jobs that need to be done effectively and efficiently.

Once you’ve decided to buy one of our Spitwater Australia pressure cleaners you then need to make sure you are keeping your unit in top working order. So here are a few maintenance tips you need to follow.

Spitwater Maintenance Tips

Before Use:

  1. Check the Oil. Make sure you check engine oil and fuel levels and top up if low. Refer to Spitwater Manual for instructions.
  2. Check the Tyres. Make sure that are at the pressure marked on the tyre.
  3. Check Screens. Check water inlet screen and flush with water if clogged or dirty.
  4. Safety. Inspect hoses for holes.

After Use:

  1. Flush the cleaning detergent. Run clear before stopping the engine.
  2. Relieve pressure in the system. Press spray gun trigger before stopping engine.