Pressure washers, Australia

Pressure washers are designed to handle the toughest of tough industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. They make those hard cleaning jobs quicker and easy and, therefore, much more cost effective for your business or even around the home. Don’t waste time scrubbing away when a pressure washer can do the job in more than half the time. To make your cleaning task easier, we have a few pressure washer tips you can follow so you get the most out of your machine.

  • Pressure washing is similar to painting – if you zone out and start spraying randomly it is not going to be effective. You miss spots and waste time by having to go over a section twice. We suggest you spray horizontally with smooth left to right movements. In one strike, cover a 3-4ft wide area and, to prevent streaking, start from the top and work down to the bottom.
  • Plan what you clean. Be careful when spraying around windows, post boxes, flowers, vents, eaves or light fixtures. These can be easily damaged if you aim the pressure washer straight at them. Small holes can leak when spraying around windows so check for any holes, dents or scratches on the frame of the window.

When looking for pressure washers Australiatalk to us at Spitwater. We have the right unit for your use and any information you require.