Using pressure washers outdoors

Using a pressure washer instead of a garden hose is similar to using a power drill instead of a screwdriver – it is a faster  and more efficient method of getting the job done. Cleaning a surface with a pressure washer reduces the cleaning time significantly as well as is environmentally sound as less water is used.

As water is ejected at a high speed, it simply blasts away dirt, grime and sometimes grease from virtually any type of surface. Using hot water can make some cleaning jobs easier and more effective – particularly for grease and oil residue – making it ideal for cleaning greasy and slippery floors as it can break down hardened grease and remove it from the floor. They can also disinfect an area because of the water and steam temperature making it ideal for food grade cleaning.

Consider a pressure washer for your next big cleaning job – most industries require cleanliness for safety and hygiene reasons and this is one way of ensuring you provide a workplace that is as clean and as safe as possible.