Industrial Heaters

After our Spitfire Demonstration Days in April we have had a lot of interest in our Spitfire Industrial Heaters and Jetfire Industrial Heaters. Industrial heaters provide an instant and efficient source of heat and are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, garages, greenhouses, terminals and breeding sheds. They are also used in the building, agricultural and other industries for drying or curing materials. 

While the Jetfire heater runs on LPG and the Spitfire runs on diesel/kerosene, both are robust and compact in design, have a safety shutdown and provide a reliable heat source. Take a look at the Spitfire and Jetfire information to see which industrial heater best suits you needs. Available at our branches in Bendigo, Albury and Echuca, give us a call at LTS Forklifts, we’re happy to give you a demonstration so that you can see the benefits for yourself.