Bendigo Pressure Cleaner

Do you need a quality, durable, efficient high pressure cleaner? A pressure cleaner is a must in many industries to ensure your workfloor and workspace is kept clean, safe and hygienic and at LTS Forklifts we stock only the best – the high quality Spitwater range which has a proven track record of excellence and reliability.

Pressure Cleaner Sale

To show how serious we are about the qaulity of the fantastic Spitwater High Pressure Water Cleaner range, we are offering 35% off all pressure cleaner attatchments when you buy one of our Spitwater pressure cleaners. These high pressure water cleaners are specically designed to tackle all cleaning problems that arise when dealing with washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces in both commercial and industrial areas.

LTS Forklifts believe in only stocking a guaranteed product and our Spitwater high pressure cleaner range is testimony to this. Call us now and take advantage of a great sale price for a fantastic cleaning product.