Bendigo is rolling towards a brighter future with a Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller

We are dedicating all proceeds from the hire of our Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller in Bendigo to the McKern Foundation for 12 months!

Affordable hire with a purpose: $290 + GST per day

We are excited to announce our latest initiative, where community welfare and quality machinery go hand in hand. Our latest campaign is not just about offering top-notch construction equipment, but also about giving back to the community.

The McKern Foundation

Founded in 2015, the McKern Foundation has been a steadfast contributor to the wellbeing of children and families in the Bendigo area. This registered charity supports the Fresh Fruit Friday program and the Bendigo Hospital Children’s Ward.

The Fresh Fruit Friday program delivers a weekly supply of fresh fruit to 33 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in and around the Bendigo. With over 850kg of fruit delivered weekly to 11,000 students, it is the region’s largest program of its kind.

The McKern Foundation is the inaugural sponsor of the children’s ward at the Bendigo Hospital. Named the McKern Steel Children’s Ward, their annual sponsorship is a testament to their ongoing dedication to the Bendigo Hospital.

Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller

The Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller RD12 stands out with its dual drum drive and articulated steering, ensuring excellent maneuverability. This equipment is perfect for various tasks, including commercial and residential compaction of asphalt, repair work, and even turf rolling in landscaping and golfing.

The Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller RD12 is perfect for diverse construction tasks. Its user-friendly design ensures comfort and superior results. The operator’s platform is ergonomically designed to minimise vibration while having easy access and comfortable reach to all controls.

The RD12’s design emphasises safety and efficiency, with features like skid-resistant floorplates, accessible tie-down points for secure transportation, and all-round visibility for the operator, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall productivity.

The Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller RD12 is designed with precision and advanced technology, ensuring high performance for your projects. The machine’s compact size, coupled with other features, including optimised curb and side clearance, excellent drum visibility, fully integrated operated lever, industry leading service access and a dual drum hydrostatic drive system.

When you hire this machine at $290 plus GST per day, you’re not just getting a job done you’re contributing to a larger, community-focused goal.

A win-win for all

By hiring the Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller from LTS Equipment for your next project in Bendigo, you’re not just benefiting from a top-quality machine. You’re also contributing to a great cause. Every hire over the next 12 months will aid the McKern Foundation’s mission to nurture healthier, happier futures for children and their families.

Use our Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller for your next project and join us in supporting a meaningful cause. Choose LTS Equipment for your equipment needs, and become a part of a campaign that goes beyond business, fostering a healthier, stronger community.

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