The custom forklift hire service keeping businesses safe and productive

At LTS Forklifts we employ the latest technology to ensure that your forklifts are as safe and effective as possible. Our latest addition to our forklifts for hire is the blue LED safety warning light   that is attached to the forklift and shines in the direction of travel. This light shines a distance in front of the forklift, notifying pedestrians in advance there is a forklift approaching via the visual spot that creates an easy-to-see blue shadow.

We also fit red lights that shine a perimeter around a forklift to advise pedestrians of a ‘no stand zone’ to avoid injury. This is also referred to halo lighting system, similar to the one in the video featured below.

We recently visited one of our clients where we installed 2 x 3000kg capacity forklifts in the same warehouse, with these spot lights (pictured below) and features like:

  • Speed limiting
  • Built in weight gauge
  • Sideshift
  • Fork positioning
  • Sequential seat belt systems
  • Container mast
  • Solid tyres.

Having these safety features built in to their forklifts, allow our clients piece of mind, knowing that we have fulfilled our role in the chain of responsibility within the transport industry.

The particular client that we visited recently has had rental forklifts from us since 2004, when they just had a fleet of about 6. Now they run 28 rental forklifts with us, customised to suit their application, needs and safety requirements.

Using these latest advances in safety technology we can ensure that all of our clients have safe warehouses and factories, where their team members can go about completing their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

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