Dirty business

I’ve got a problem with dust and dirt in my warehouse, what should i do?

Are you handling or warehousing parts and products that must be kept clean? Are your employees picking up pallets and racking to clean around them regularly, or is dust just building up? Keeping a clean environment has many benefits to your business from employee retention, health and safety and potential customer loyalty. Implementing a sweeper or scrubber for that matter may be the solution.

How much does it cost?

What quite often gets misinterpreted in the discussion on whether a sweeper is a viable option to clean your business, is the cost. Whilst we all consider the cost of a sweeper could be out of reach, the cost of the sweeper is not the most expensive part of cleaning. Labour makes up 60% of the cost of cleaning, maintenance of a machine only 5% an the machine only 20%, so if you can reduce your time for cleaning by half and you pay your employees $50k a year…..well you do the maths!

If the initial outlay is outlay is the pinch point, what about checking out our long term rental sweeper options. Maybe this machine is not the right size, dont worry, we can measure you up for a ride on sweeper…..if thats what you need.

Implementing a walk behind sweeper such as the Karcher KM 75/40 BP can make many improvements to your business, including:

1. Presentation of your warehouse
2. Clean entry ways into your main thoroughfares
3. Employee satisfaction
4. Employee productivity
5. Customer appreciation

Is it easy to use?

Karcher, as a manufacturer puts quality and clients 1st, the

quality of the KM 75/40 is second to none. It features easily identifiable functions for the operator with colour coding yellow, the operators know, by a quick visual, know what can be used and what is colour coded grey for service.


What about dust?

The unit will vacuum the dust into its filtrations system as it sweeps to ensure


dust free sweeping, all the

material is swept into the 40 litre capacity hopper.

What sort of maintenance does it need?

The battery system requires charging after approximately 3 hours of run time via the smart charger supplied, using 2 x 12V AGM batteries there is no need for checking battery water levels as it is maintained for the life of the battery. We have a full field service team ready to care for your product through our PMP (preventative maintenance program). Covered by a 1 year warranty for parts and labour, you can feel reassured of trouble free running.

I’m still not sure.

We offer free demonstrations so contact us today to see if you qualify for a demo at your site. Alternatively you can click on this video by one of our staff talking you through the operation of the KM 75/40 W BP