Karcher EASY!Force? What is it?


Work doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, you don’t need to sacrifice your body to earn a few dollars, in today’s day and age we are more aware than ever at looking after ourselves for the long term. We eat better, try new diets, eat less junk food, smoke less, etc. etc. But what about our bodies when we goto work? The ergonomics of the new Karcher EASY!Force trigger gun has the operator in its focus. It is all about the operator after all, a well looked after operator will give you hours of productivity, the EASY!force trigger gun give you total control in any handle position you hold it even at different angles  making it ideal for all types of cleaning.

Longer Life


Ceramic valves and seat give the EASY!force gun a 5 year longer lifespan over the old conventional valved trigger guns. Longer life has a flow on effect of reliability and less downtime meaning …..well, more uptime.

My Karcher is older, will it fit?


Through innovation and forethought, Karcher have made an adaptor to suit almost any situation. We can size up your machine and adapt EASY!Force to almost any older Karcher, and even possibly some of the competitors machines….shhh.

Click here to see Karcher’s adapter finder

Show me.

Click here to see a very short snippet of the Karcher EASY!force. Really our short video, say everything they need to, you need to use it to approve it, ask for a site visit and a free demonstration! Contact an appropriate branch close to you or call 1300 66 99 20.

Where can I buy one?

Just goto our shop by clicking through the shop link at the top of this page or by clicking here to go right to it.